Come together: Unknown Digital brings branding and experience design together for you. We are your contact for digital user experiences. With new possibilities for websites, apps and web applications.

Systematic success. Our concept for advancing into new spheres.


Ask, listen, understand: We spend as much time as possible on your project until we understand it in detail. The knowledge gained in the process provides us with the basis for a unique solution.

Brandbild von digitalen Experten. Wir sind deine Schnittstelle für digitale Nutzererlebnisse. Mit neuen Moglichkeiten für Brands Websites Apps und Web-Applikationen.


Here we approach the unknown and tickle out ideas - until we begin to see it. And just like that the digital worlds we develop for you begin to take shape.

Brandbild von digitalen Experten. Wir sind deine Schnittstelle für digitale Nutzererlebnisse. Mit neuen Moglichkeiten für Brands Websites Apps und Web-Applikationen.


Launch, take off, with full speed into new spheres: For the final implementation, we utilize all technical and economic possibilities for you. Visually and in terms of content - for concept and design.

Brandbild von digitalen Experten. Wir sind deine Schnittstelle für digitale Nutzererlebnisse. Mit neuen Moglichkeiten für Brands Websites Apps und Web-Applikationen.

Brand Strategy

The power of brand strategy: The holistic inclusion of brand architecture, tone of voice and positioning enables a strong brand strategy. This helps the brand develop a real identity, retain customers and achieve long-term success. A clear positioning helps the brand to address the right target group. A consistent Tone of Voice gives it a distinctive personality and promotes emotional connection with customers.

Brand Naming

It's all in the name: Brand naming is crucial to the success of a brand. It is not only about finding a suitable name, but also about creating a deep connection to the brand identity and values. A well-chosen brand name appeals to the target group, strengthens the brand image and supports the overall branding.

Visual Identity

The eye plays a decisive role: The visual identity of a brand includes a holistic visual concept. It includes logo design, visual and graphic design, motion design and 3D elements. The visual identity ensures a consistent and easily recognisable brand presence. It conveys the brand's message, strengthens the brand image and builds trust with the target audience. A careful visual identity sets the brand apart, creates emotional connection and contributes to brand loyalty and success in the long term.

Design System & Guidelines

So that everything has its order: Design System & Guidelines are crucial to make a project consistent, efficient and scalable. They help build a strong visual identity on digital platforms and create an optimal user experience. Digital guidelines, playbooks and design systems document all elements of the brand. This promotes teamwork, ensures consistent design and effective implementation.


Stories that stick: Storytelling is the art of transforming brand values and messages into compelling stories. This is done through animations, images and text. With clever use of narratives and visual elements, brands can thus build an emotional connection with their target group and convey their identity in a memorable way.

Digital Product Strategy

Digital product strategies are important in three ways: for planning and designing digital products, for achieving business goals, and for customer satisfaction. We use tools such as discovery and requirements workshops to do this. For existing products, we conduct UX and UI audits to provide clarity. Our consulting is based on partnership, and we manage projects efficiently with clear goals.


The key to user engagement: In digital products, content in the form of text, images, videos and illustrations plays a crucial role. This is because it conveys messages, information and added value. An effective content strategy, creative art direction and high-quality content production are crucial to developing effective content. This content strengthens user loyalty and the brand's image.

User Research

User-centred product development: User research aims to deepen the understanding of user needs and behaviour. We use targeted research methods such as interviews, journey mapping and user tests to gain insights. From this, we develop solutions and products that are oriented towards users and put their needs at the centre (user centric).

User Interface Design (UI)

Focus on the user: A carefully designed user interface (UI) is crucial for a consistent user experience and strong customer loyalty. Both are crucial in reinforcing the brand identity. This is particularly important in app design, web design and platform design. Because it promotes their success in the long term.

User Experience Design (UX)

Important for the feel-good effect: With user experience design (UX) and interaction design, we design and optimise the user experience. This process includes creating wireframes that illustrate interactions, functions and content. Information architecture helps to plan intuitive navigation and efficient information flow. These skills are particularly valuable in e-commerce. Because they help to create a smooth and engaging shopping experience for customers.


For a successful interaction: In the development phase, we translate the digital design into living code. This creates an interactive and functional user interface that interacts with users and meets their needs. The development includes frontend and backend programming, API integration, hosting and the integration of a content management system (CMS). This ensures that the digital solution works comprehensively.