Salz & Water

Salz & Water

From the first ideas to the detailed pixel - the new website and branding of the creative agency was developed in an iterative redesign process

Salt & Water combines two disciplines: Digital marketing and a creative agency. The team of over 10 people creates concepts, produces content and implements digital marketing campaigns in an advisory capacity and analyses their performance. In the form of a co-creation, we developed a rebranding and redesign which communicates the services and references of the new wave advertising agency to the user with an motion designed key visual and interactive variable fonts.

Das Bild zeigt alle verschiedenen Versionen eines Buchstaben bei einem Variablen Font.

Experimental visual designs combined with the latest technology give the website that certain "extra touch".

Bild von einer Website. Digitales Studio Agentur.

A content management system (CMS) enables the dynamic design of website content and thus offers optimal flexibility.

Bild von einzelnen Seiten einer Website. Das Konzept und Design wurde basierend von einem Workshop erarbeitet.

Focal points of the project

Digital Brand Experience

With the rebranding and the simultaneous work on the website, the brand could be fully strengthened and further developed. Based on positioning workshops, the brand's essence, values, verbal and visual identity, mission and vision were defined. These elements were incorporated into the digital design to fully reflect the brand.

Variable Fonts

In conjunction with the dynamic branding, the variable font (Noi Grotesk) complements the user interaction, reflecting the diversity of the creative agency. In order to guarantee this interaction in a performant way and across browsers, we created various tests and experiments and approached a unique solution step by step. In addition, the page was supplemented by the integration of a dynamic background. Through such experiments, we are constantly evolving.