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Ops One

Ops One

Complex infrastructures, the fastest servers and DevOps at the highest level - transformed into an emotional digital brand


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Ops One is a server and hosting provider based in Switzerland. From the federal government to smaller agencies, Ops One serves companies with high expectations of consulting. Together with copywriters, illustrators and photographers, Unknown Digital created a dynamic identity, animated website and digital brand guidelines for the agile company. From language to content structure, we develop all points and coordinate external partners at home and abroad. In the course of our long-standing partnership, we have been able to advise Ops One on design issues time and again.

Branding - A brand that creates a lot of trust on an emotional level and yet is allowed to be technical.

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Content Production - through our network, meaningful team images, strong texts and motion designs were developed.

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Digital Brand Styleguide - The Brand Universe in one place, digitally summarised.

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