Apparel Research Studio

Apparel Research Studio

Experience fashion, art and culture digitally - e-commerce on the smartphone or on VR glasses becomes possible

Logo von Apparel Research Studio (ARS)

Apparel Research Studios (ARS) moves in the intersection between fashion, art and culture. The extensive digital user experience design (UX) was created in a joint collaboration. The cornerstone of ARS is the platform for artists from all over the world, their collections and background stories. They are told in a digital magazine, which is linked to the webshop. In it, the clothes, as well as visual art, can be viewed and purchased in detail. A virtual reality (VR) experience rounds off the experience for resellers.

Bild von einem Pullover, welcher Teil des digitalen interativen Magazin ist.

An interactive magazine, a bespoke webshop and a VR experience showcase the digital experience of the brand.

Bild von einem Mensch, der eine Brille für virtual reality trägt.